Top Tips For Self Storage and Professional Storage

Storage Done Right

Our business's storage services are something we are heavily invested in; we are currently full-throttle on improving, expanding and ensuring we can offer all of our clients the very best storage solutions possible.

With that in mind, we thought now would be a perfect time to share some tips, tricks and advice for anyone who may be looking for self-storage in Scotland.

Why is storage important?

Storage for moving or selling your home

If you've just bought a new home, the extra space can always come in handy.

Whether you need a short-term storage solution so you can move in multiple trips, or if you are looking to declutter while you decide on what to keep, having a storage unit can be a big help.

Similarly, if you're selling your home, and you want to temporarily remove some of your belongings for the chances of a quicker sale, storage can provide that extra space you need.

Storage for businesses

Storage facilities are not only excellent for movers but also provide space for businesses who may need the extra space for equipment and goods while they refurbish or as a long term solution.

Focus on what's important; security and convenience

Firstly, what questions should you be asking when looking for somewhere to store your belongings safely? Here are some of what we think are the most important.

  • Is the facility security monitored?
  • How accessible are the storage units?
  • What hours can I access my belongings?
  • Is the storage unit accessible by car?

For Caledonia Removals, our storage units are clean, safe, secure at all hours and easy to access. For more details on the types of storage solutions we offer, get in touch, and we'll answer these questions and more in more detail to give you peace of mind before committing to anything or anywhere.

Preparing your belongings for storage

Whether short-term storage for during a move or long-term storage to protect your belongings, knowing how to prepare your things can make a huge difference.

1. Label all your boxes clearly

It may seem simple, but clear labels can be a lifesaver. It's easy to forget which box something is in and then find yourself needing it a week later.

So take some of the stress and tension from storing your belongings can make sure you can easily and quickly find what you need when you need it.

2. Create a list

What did you pack? What did you store? Without a list (which can be physical or using a notes app on your phone), you may forget what you decided to ship to storage. An inventory of all your items in a storage unit will help you plan, organise, and avoid stressful situations in the long term.

3. If it's fragile, take extra care

If an item is easily broken or damaged, you should be:

  • Using the correct packing materials, such as bubble wrap or other wrappings
  • Avoid over cramming boxes with lots of objects
  • Fill in any gaps in boxes with bubble wrap, paper or other materials to avoid movement
  • When placid in the uni, do not store piles of other heavy boxes
  • Keep all your fragile items in one area away from your other stored items.

4. Clean as needed

When retrieving items, the last thing you want is to find them covered in dust or grime, so if needed, give everything a good wipe before packing away; you'll thank yourself later.

5. Seal everything tightly

As a precaution, make sure all boxes are securely sealed to avoid anything falling, moving, and to help keep everything airtight while in storage.

If all of this seems like a hassle and you'd rather leave it up to the professionals, give us a call. We'd be happy to take the heavy lifting off of your plate and do all the packing, shipping, storage and unpacking, so you don't have to.