On move day Caledonia Removals will not only look after your belongings, but we will look after you, offering quick and professional packing, as well as:

  • Local, national and international removal services.
  • A plan is set out by our team leader so you’re aware of what order things will be done on the day.
  • A detailed quote includes start times, the number of staff, and vans with a price breakdown for clarity.
  • A thorough walk around both new and old properties to ensure a seamless move and all furniture and contents are placed correctly in your new home

We provide every client with a first-class removal service where every angle is covered, leaving no grey areas and ensuring every need is addressed. Our team will arrive at the agreed time on the agreed day ready to work and carry out your removal, followed by any unloading and unpacking required at your new property.

Secure and professional packaging for all your furniture

We have specialised fitted covers for all your soft furnishings, including your sofas, armchairs and mattresses. On each of these items, we use single-use, recyclable plastic sheets for hygiene reasons before applying those covers.

This protects both the item inside the cover and any door frames and walls as it is moved. We also have cushioned artwork bags for transporting all your pictures, artwork, and mirrors as well as hardcover specialised moving TV boxes (fitting up to 100'' TVs) to ensure no bumps, cracks or scratches. Each vehicle is loaded with plenty padded removal blankets to wrap and protect any items that have not been export wrapped of fitted into our specialised padded covers. Inside the van, all items are secured with webbing, and we use spacers where required for extra protection, to ensure no rubbing between furnitur.

We don't just help you move out; we help you move in

Upon arrival at your new home, our experienced team will spend as much time needed walking around your new property with you to gain a full understanding of where things are to be placed and take any specialised instructions. We aim to unload all your belongings to the correct position first time, leaving all walkways clear and accessible. Our team will only leave once you are fully happy with the final positioning of your items. Before any unloading takes place our team will lay floor protection throughout your new home, covering carpets and hard floors to ensure no muddy foot prints during the unload.

No matter where you're moving to or moving from, get in touch for a stress-free day

Whether you are moving locally within Perth, further afield across Scotland or even down to the south of England, rest assured that you are in safe hands by choosing Caledonia Removals. Our team have a wealth of experience serving a wide range of customers and are keen to go the extra mile in all of our moves.

Get in touch today to ensure your move goes as smoothly as possible.

How we do it

At initial contact from you, a survey will be booked with one of our professional, helpful team members. This is a crucial stage of your removal as it allows for the correct planning to take place, therefore ensuring a seamless, well-executed office, business or home removal.

The survey will be booked over video call or face-to-face so that we can assess the total move volume (how much furniture and contents are there to be moved). This allows us to make sure the correct vehicles and manpower are present to complete your removal within the agreed time parameters set by us or by third parties, like your solicitor.

We also assess the access to your property for our vehicles and check off any old damages for complete transparency prior to completing your house move.

Furthermore, the survey allows us to plan for:

  • The correct amount of floor protection required
  • What specialist covers are needed for all soft furnishings
  • The number of padded blankets required

At this stage, we will also take the chance to discuss the variety of packing options available to you. For example, you may have a piece of furniture or ornament that is of very high sentimental value. We can suggest the best way to pack or wrap this item to ensure its ultimate safety during your removal. We may even suggest an export wrap to ensure complete protection.

Once the survey is completed you will receive your quote within 48 hours. The removal quote will have all costs itemised so you can see exactly how much each service that we have discussed is costing you. This gives full transparency and lets you know exactly what you are paying for.

The plan we provide will detail exactly how many men and vehicles will arrive to complete your removal and what time they will arrive to start your move. We will detail how long the load and unloading will take and specify any dismantling and assembly work that is required. The plan will clearly set out how the moving day will develop and it will allow you to have a clear image in your mind of what the day will look like, allowing you to plan anything else around the removal as we understand that moving home can be a very stressful and important day.

We are here to minimise that stress and dare I say it, bring some enjoyment to your removal day and overall moving experience.

When moving home or office with Caledonia Removals you are guaranteed of a professional and timely removal service.

Your moving day with us will look like this:

  • Our team will arrive on time, smartly presented in work uniform and a smile on their faces.
  • The team leader will introduce himself and the rest of the team and then complete a thorough walk-around with you so the team have the full picture of what is required on the day.
  • The team leader will then set a plan with our removal crew and advise you the client of what is going to happen next
  • Our team will then lay floor protection throughout your property to protect all hard floors and carpets including the staircase.
  • Specialist removal covers for all armchairs, suites, mattresses, artwork, and TVs will be taken into the property and applied to all that require.
  • Any dismantling work will be started and any prior agreed packing will take place.
  • Loading will then begin ensuring all furniture and contents are completely wrapped and protected before professionally being loaded onto our vehicles securely so no movement occurs during transit to your new home.
  • Once loading is completed our team will perform a quick walk-around to ensure you are happy we have collected everything we are supposed to before allowing you to lock up and head off to your new home.

Of course, with Caledonia Removals’ professional moving service, the move is always seen through until the very end.

Once your items are moved to their new home you can expect the following to take place:

  • Once arrived at your new home and access is permitted the team will complete another thorough walk around to find out exactly where you would like all furniture and boxes placed.
  • Once this is established, floor protection will go down throughout your new home.
  • The team leader will set a plan for unloading and then this will commence.
  • All furniture and contents will be placed in correct rooms ensuring clear pathways are left for you to get around and any assembly work of beds or tables will be completed.
  • All specialist covers and removal blankets will be removed from furniture and final damage checks completed.
  • Once all furniture and contents are placed in correct positions and all assembly work is completed, our team will do a final walk-around with you making sure you are happy with the work completed.
  • Upon your approval, the team will clear all our own rubbish and wish you farewell and well wishes in your new home.

We will happily return to you at a later agreed date to collect all the materials we provided you. Packing materials for moving like boxes, wardrobe cartons, bubble wrap, packing paper etc that you no longer require will be taken back and recycled or reused, saving you the hassle of a trip to the skip. Whether it takes a week or six months to get through the unpack, call us when you are ready and we will come and collect.

Remember we are always here for you, even after your home removal has been completed. Give us a call anytime if you have any further removal queries or have family and friends moving and we will do all we can to help.

Contact us today and move the right way with Caledonia Removals.

Moving within the UK

We understand that moving your possessions can be a very stressful time. However, with our calm and respectful team and our reliable, tested removal system, Caledonia Removals can ensure that your belongings are protected and cared for throughout the move. Having clients feel confident that their belongings are being cherished and looked after is at the heart of what we do.

Following your initial enquiry, you will be contacted by one of our experienced surveyors who will undertake a detailed survey which will allow us to understand exactly what your moving requirements are. You will receive a written quote which will provide you with a thorough plan to complete your office or house move.

A detailed breakdown will be supplied to you directly, where we will confirm:

  • Your liability cover
  • Key waiting waivers
  • Dismantling
  • Number of vehicles and staff needed for the move
  • Timescales
  • And your packing options.

When you have chosen Caledonia Removals to complete your move, we will drop off packing materials for moving, should you be completing the pack yourself.

When moving nationally, we can provide you with the required packing materials for moving at an additional cost. You can rest assured that all arrangements required for your move will be handled by your move consultant, allowing you to feel confident that your move will go smoothly and according to plan This may include arranging any ferries, parking dispensations and special access requirements as required.

One week before your move, you will be contacted to confirm start times and to let you know which team members will be present on your move day. We will guarantee that our team will arrive at the agreed time, on the agreed day, ready to work and carry out your move to an extremely high standard.

To ensure that your move day runs smoothly, our team will have been briefed by our operations manager and will arrive at your property with all necessary moving equipment, protection and specialist covers. Your dedicated team leader will introduce themselves and complete a detailed walk through of your current property. Please use this as an opportunity to highlight your most special possessions and confirm the arrangements that are on the team’s job sheet for the day.

Your team leader will explain the plan in full so you’re aware of what order things will be done on the day. We will guarantee no muddy footprints are walked through your home with the use of our floor protection throughout the main walkways of your home.

Then all that is left to do is to sit back and relax whilst our team of experienced movers ensure your goods are moved carefully and calmly, with respect and excellence. All your furniture and loose items will be blanket wrapped, with the use of specialist covers on other items as and when required.

Our team will clear your property within the agreed timescales before completing the drive to your new home. If required, our home removals team may complete an overnight stay and unload the following morning, depending on timescales. The unload will be complete to the same high standard, with time spent ensuring all items are placed into the correct rooms and positions within. Your furniture will be rebuilt as required.

Want to know more about how our experience, expertise, and our fleet of vehicles have helped other customers? Why not check out what our previous customers have had to say…(link to google review page)

Your international move

Caledonia Removals not only cover the entirety of the UK with business and house removals but through our strong removal partnerships, we can assist with moves to any corner of the globe.

Over the years we have built strong relationships with many international movers who can cover moves to the Americas, Canada, South Africa and even Australia and New Zealand. It doesn’t matter where you are moving to in the world, Caledonia Removals can help.

If you have any questions about our international moving service, please do not hesitate to get in touch to speak with one of our helpful, professional team members to discuss your upcoming international move.

Just like our normal removal process, it all starts with the initial survey where we calculate your total moving volume and what packing options are required. On all international moves, a full inventory is required for customs and we can do this for you to avoid any hassle with custom agents for specific countries.

We will send a clear plan on how exactly the move will take place and will come to you to complete all agreed work. This could include packing, export wrapping and loading. We will then take your furniture to where it needs to go in a safe and efficient manner.

Caledonia Removals partners with trusted removal firms from all over the UK who specialise in certain areas of the globe. If you are moving abroad, we will deliver the items to the most relevant removal company and they will complete the final leg of the journey.

We will always be your main point of contact throughout the removal and we will handle all enquiries, prices and updates throughout the move. The plan we send out at the start of the removal process will outline from the start important dates, such as:

  • The initial loading day
  • Delivery day to the third party
  • What day the third party removal company will set off
  • The day they are due to arrive
  • The day that the unload will be complete on

We only work with other companies who have the same values and company culture as we do and, of course, they must have a five-star reputation with plenty of good reviews to make it onto our books. Clients can rest assured that their goods will only be moved by the very best, most trusted removal companies when working with Caledonia Removals on an international move.

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