Packing services

Packing up your property can be a very time consuming, emotional exercise, often adding unnecessary stress to your move. Many of our customers find it far more efficient having our professional, friendly and experienced staff pack on their behalf. We offer a variety of professional packing services that are designed to make your move into storage or to a new property as seamless as possible. We understand that every customer’s packing needs are going to be different and are ready to accommodate in any way that we can

Our packing help services range from a small two-hour fragile pack of specific pieces, like ornaments and crockery, to a complete packing service of all delicate and fragile items. Should you need our team to pack the entire house comprising all the above as well as extras like clothing, linen, photographs and paintings, we will complete this before moving day to ensure minimal disruption on the day of your move. Open communication is essential, so we will tailor a professional packing package to suit your individual needs.

We use a host of different packing materials to ensure a safe and efficient transit of furniture and contents during your move. We use only top-quality materials for all of our packs with our aim to ensure all furniture and breakables remain intact and moved without damage. For more information on the materials we use view the gallery on the "Buy packing materials" page to find out more.

Each item will be carefully wrapped and packed into moving boxes, with all boxes clearly labelled to make for a more efficient unpack when items reach their new destination. As a long-standing, professional removal company in Scotland, our years of experience and training will ensure no harm comes to any of your belongings during the packing, transit or storage of your goods.

Contact us today at 01738 562983 to take advantage of our quality packing services.

We offer the below services for our customers who require packing.

Our Packing Options

This packing service involves complete and thorough pack of your entire property. Everything from clothing, to artwork, to kitchen crockery and everything in between. Our professional removals team will use a variety of packing materials suited to each individual items needs.

This is a full comprehensive packing service designed to take away a very stressful element of moving and offer greater convenience to our customers. You may find you do not have the time to do this during the moving process, so contact the professionals and as part of your survey we will identify what needs packed and wrapped, what materials are needed, how long this will take and ultimately, what this will cost.

Allow us to check this off your list and we will ensure everything is wrapped and packed to a professional standard and labelled clearly for where it is to go in your new home, making for a much more efficient unpack at the other end.

This packing service option is tailored to your specific packing needs.

From our years of experience, we have found that many clients feel confident enough to box up their own clothes, linen, books and everything that is deemed non-breakable. They rely on our packing expertise to make sure all the breakable items are wrapped properly for the move. We are often asked to take care of full kitchen packs, all pictures and artwork around the property, dinner sets and various ornaments as these are items that are most vulnerable during a move.

With our wealth of packing knowledge, we make sure all the correct packing materials are applied to prevent any damages occurring to more breakable items in your home. It doesn’t have to be a non-breakable / breakable split though. If request us to simply pack your dining room, for example, and you take care of the rest of the house, this is perfectly fine. We will do as much or as little as you want when hired for a part packing service.

This packing service option is perfect for when you, the client, takes care of the entire pack and potentially only need the packing materials from us.

Through our initial survey we will have identified what packing materials you need from how many boxes, to how many wardrobe cartons, how many packs of packing paper or bubble wrap required. We can drop these packing materials to you well in advance of your moving date to allow you the maximum amount of time to prepare everything before the move itself.

All our packing materials are of high quality and up to a professional standard. They will definitely do the job when it comes to making sure your valuables are safe. Please feel free to still contact us as often as you would like throughout your pack for any hints or tips on what to do or to request additional packing materials or services. We are here to help you!

Unpacking is different from unloading. Our team will unload all furniture and contents as part of the removal service and ensure these items are placed in the correct rooms.

Our unpack service takes this one step further and focuses more on the packed boxes. We developed this service through the requests of our clients and it is aimed at reducing any unnecessary stress from your moving experience.

When you choose Caledonia Removals professional unpacking service, we will open up all boxes and unpack them for you. Any wardrobe cartons or clothing boxes will be opened and all clothing will either be hung in wardrobes or placed neatly on top of the chest of drawers that will house that clothing. All kitchen boxes will be unpacked and placed neatly on the kitchen work tops. We will place all glasses together, plates together, pots and pans together so you have a clear view of all kitchen items on show and all you then need to do is place these items into your desired kitchen cupboards or units.

We can unpack book boxes onto book shelves, we can unwrap any ornaments or artwork and place them in the correct position ready to be hung or placed in your desired positions throughout various rooms.

In addition, any materials left over after we have unpacked will be taken away by our team at a time that suits you, to make the move into your home as smooth and hassle-free as possible. Even if you unpack yourself and we need to return a week, a month or 6 months later to collect the packing materials, we will be happy to do so as this is all part of our quality unpacking service. It also helps us reduce our carbon footprint and re use or recycle all that we can in order to do our bit towards to the worlds ever growing problems with climate change, which is a primary goal of our company.

Please speak to one of our helpful team prior to booking your removal if our unpacking service is something you would like to take advantage of.

Packing FAQs

Yes, unpacking is opening up the boxes and emptying the contents into drawers or cupboards. It is a service we offer so please call the office on 01738 562983 for more information on this.

If you're packing yourself, we recommend starting as soon as you can. This ensures you're ready for moving day and gives you the best idea of how much you have once everything is boxed up.

We can! Our team comes prepared with any materials they'll need to pack all your belongings, from cardboard boxes to bubble wrap. We will always get the materials you require to you prior to the removal date giving you plenty of time to get on with the pack.

You can, and we offer a range of packing materials you can buy directly from us, including boxes, tape, bubble wrap, markers and packing peanuts.

We have a range of boxes available such as medium, large and wardrobe boxes.

For more details on the materials we have, head over to our packing materials page.

This varies on the size of the property and how much you have to pack. Get in touch to discuss timings and any move you have coming up.

Depending on the size of the property and the amount we have to pack, we can complete certain moves on the same day, get in touch for a quotation and a timeframe for your move.

Of course, if you have packed some things already and would like us to finish the job, we'd be more than happy too.

Yes, you can pack everything by yourselves if that's what you wish to do. We can supply any materials you need.

Everything should be boxed up and ready for transit on the morning of the move; this allows everything to run smoothly and on time. We can arrive and start loading immediately and we are therefore not having to work around you finalising any last minute boxes.

Of course, this is what we do best. The team will arrive with any materials they need and get everything boxed, taped, covered and secure, taking the strain off of you.

Yes, we recommend emptying any wardrobes or drawers as this makes sure nothing is moving around during transit.

Unfortunately, unless converted with a fitted staircase and is boarded up and well-lit, we are not insured to help with the movement of items from lofts and attics. Get in touch with our team to discuss this, as we can depending on access and loft ladders in play.

If you simply need our help to pack, get in touch, and we can discuss the job with you. We're happy to pack it all for you and you move it. We try to be really flexible and will happily work with you on this to make sure you are getting the service you require.

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