Container Storage

We like to offer a variety of storage options to give our clients a choice when it comes to storage solutions in Scotland. We do this through our long-term partnership with Morris Leslie Scone site. We sublet a number of metal shipping storage containers of all sizes.

We offer storage units the following sizes:

  • 5ft shipping containers
  • 8ft shipping containers
  • 10ft shipping containers
  • 20ft shipping containers

All our container storage units come with different volumes associated, so depending on how much you have to store we can find the correct sized storage unit for you, ensuring that you only pay for what you need. For example, we don’t want you having to pay for two 20ft containers when potentially you may only need to pay for a 20ft and an 8ft. Book a survey with us today and we can advise of your total moving volume and therefore what size of container you will require.

Secure storage in Perth

As a local removal company and provider of storage in Perth, Caledonia Removals has expert knowledge and years of experience in residential moves, packing and unpacking items and storage solutions.

All our storage units are housed within a secure warehouse for added protection against the elements. To give greater convenience to our customers we can offer 24-hour access to these containers. The site is staffed between 9 am and 9 pm and there is a security guard on site between 9 pm and 9 am in case you need access between these late-night hours.

Our staff will handle all the loading and unloading from these containers and we will wrap and pack your items to a professional standard using our quality packing supplies for moving if requested.

Like with our crated storage, we will inventory every item that goes in and out of our storage units for all parties' benefit. With all our storage options, it doesn’t matter what your capacity is or whether you require short or long-term storage, Caledonia Removals are guaranteed to have the correct storage solution for you.

Contact us today to book your secure storage unit in Perth.

Different Storage solutions for every need

Moving house or in-between apartments? Let Caledonia Removals lift some of the stress with our residential storage units.

We have container storage facilities that can comfortably hold all your household belongings, no matter how big or small your move. Our units range in size, from personal storage lockers to 20 ft storage units. Whether you're moving out of a three-bedroom house or a one-bedroom apartment, we have the residential storage solution to suit you. What's more, we'll even offer to pack, load and unload all your possessions, meaning you can concentrate on preparing for your big move, whilst we take care of the rest.

Moving offices can be a real headache for business owners and employees. Often you'll be left with a tone of extra furniture, files or other office items that are unable to stay put but are also yet to find a home in your new business location.

Caledonia Removals offers an economical solution to all your business storage needs, with dedicated self-storage units that can comfortably house all your office or business appliances. It doesn't matter if you're up-sizing, down-sizing, in-between offices or just looking for a convenient middle point for your move; Caledonia Removals can provide the ideal storage facility for you.

Besides office moves, our secure storage units are also a popular choice for independent contractors or workers. Whether you need some extra space to store your tools or a self-storage unit to house your overflowing file cabinet, Caledonia Removals would be happy to accommodate any of your business storage needs.

Say goodbye to the endless searches to find 'self-storage near me' or the best storage company in your area. You can sit back and relax while Caledonia Removals takes care of everything.

In addition to our residential and business storage facilities, we can assist you if you are in the middle of re-organising your commercial space. Our helpful staff are on-hand to accommodate you in any way they can. So, if you're currently looking for some extra storage space whilst your commercial space undergoes a renovation, the team at Caledonia Removals would be more than happy to help.

We utilise our partnerships with the best storage facilities to provide you with the most secure storage units Perth, or your local area, has to offer. With our team also taking care of all the heavy lifting, you won't have to worry about a thing.

Frequently Asked Questions

The wooden containers are easy to load and unload and transport, some of our vehicles have been covered to take the containers full, and so they can be loaded and unloaded outside your property. The metal containers are larger. It really varies depending on what type of storage and how much you have to store

The wooden containers are approximately 250 cubic feet. They are 8 feet high, 5 feet wide and 7 feet deep. The metal containers are 20ft long and have a cubic feet capacity of 1100. We also offer 10ft, 8ft and 5 ft shipping containers. Please see the pictures to get a guide of what you can fit into each container and best to contact us, discuss what you have to move and we can make sure you get the right size of crate or container.

We will need 4 working days to book the containers; however delivery does depend on availability, so please allow as much time as possible.

Yes you can, but we will need 4 working days notice beforehand, so that we can retrieve your container or containers and get them ready for your inspection and put your container back in the warehouse after the inspection has been completed. There may be a charge to retrieve your container if you opt for the wooden crates but our shipping containers work on a self store basis, give us a call with 48 hours for this and we can make sure access is ready for you with no charge.

We invoice on the 1st of each month for your storage and this covers the month ahead. Payment is expected within 7 days of invoice date and we ask that you set up a standing order or direct debit for the 2nd of each month.

If you move out halfway through the month then we would refund you any money due back. We pro rata are storage charges so you only pay for the time you are in store. This is broken down to a daily rate so you will never pay more than you need to.

No. We need to avoid storing potentially hazardous goods such as acids and any highly flammable products. Any organic material, such as food is also not allowed. You can refer to our terms and conditions via this link for a more detailed list of items which cannot be stored.

Yes. Our standard liability, for which you do not have to pay any additional charge is £40 per item as defined by an inventory list. If your possessions are worth more, we recommend you take out additional liability to cover the full value of the contents. This is normally done by you declaring the value to the nearest £500. All storage liabilities are passed directly to our specialist broker who will confirm the additional charge required and we can then inform you. Usually, the level of cover you take for the removal is what should be in place when in storage.

Yes we can, by prior arrangement. There will be a charge for this.

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