Executory Work

Over the years we have built up very strong, reliable relationships with a variety of solicitors throughout Scotland. We are a trusted, reputable removals company that our strategic partners know they can rely on. If you’re a solicitor firm and require assistance clearing a property so it can be made ready to market, then look no further than Caledonia Removals’ professional house clearance service.

To provide the best possible executory house clearance service possible, our removals team will visit the property to conduct an initial survey and take our time to understand your firm's and client's needs.

Within our house clearance service, we will discuss the following with all parties involved to ensure every requirement is met:

  • What items need to be kept
  • What items need to be stored in safe, secure storage (we can also provide storage solutions)
  • If any items need to be delivered to certain family members around the UK
  • What there is no longer a requirement for
  • How we can potentially get items that are no longer needed to a desired charity, or to a specific auction house to try and re coup some money

Anything not suitable for family, charity or the auction, can disposed of as and when is needed by our removal team. We hold our SEPA waste license which allows us to skip at various sites around Scotland, therefore promising a safe and sustainable removal of all unwanted items.

From full house clearances to part clearances, we can do as much or as little as you want to get the property ready for market and allow this to happen as efficiently as possible for your clients benefit.

We have a partners log in on this website to speed up the process of getting this sort of work through to us. Contact our office on 01738 562983 to become a strategic partner and make yourself known to Caledonia Removals. Our removals team will provide you with a log in for our website so you can submit all the information we require to provide an accurate cost for the necessary house clearance and plan the work efficiently.

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