Export Wrapping

The crème de la crème of packing. Export wrapping is focused more on the packing of furniture, ornaments or artwork where a padded blanket of bubble wrap doesn’t quite cut the mustard. We use a combination of professional packing materials to give that ultimate protection for the move.

We use a material called FurniGuard which has three magical layers to it. It has an inside soft cushioning layer that goes against the furniture or ornament. It has large bubbles, like bubble wrap, as the middle layer for extra cushioning and then the third layer is a puncture-resistant material proving ultimate strength.

When completing an export wrap all our team are trained to wrap the item with FurniGuard, followed by a wrap with paper/card wrap and then round one final time with FurniGuard. This builds the thickness and layer of protection around your item, therefore giving it the best protection possible when it comes to the world of removals.

Secure wrapping service for all types of items

As a long-standing, professional removal company in Scotland, we have wrapped, packed and moved a huge variety of delicate items. In our time we have export-wrapped smaller items like vases or antlers through to medium-sized items like dining chairs or sideboards and even large items like 12-seater dining tables or a three-door French Armoire.

Our team is capable of securely wrapping, packing and moving any type of delicate or precocious item that you require and can ensure that the item reaches its final destination in the same condition to which it left.

Export wrapping is perfect for any high sentimental or monetary items, long distance moves, overseas moves or even properties with a bumpy farm track access road. With an export wrap you are investing in the items that you value the most, giving yourself peace of mind that your favourite or most expensive items will be moved safely and securely, with harm of breakage.

We can tailor our export service to a single item or for a full house move with all contents and furniture included. Contact our removals team today to find out more about our reliable packing and moving services.

Specialised Crates

In addition to an export wrap we can also arrange specialised crates. These crates are made to measure and offer the ultimate protection while moving your furniture or contents.

Usually constructed of pine wood they are built to hold and protect whatever needs to be transported.

Some good examples of when we have used them in the past are for expensive artwork or very ornate mirrors with a lot of delicate parts to them, model ships, chandeliers and even a very large jukebox with bubble glass covering the entirety of the front.

We have these made to order so if required it is vital we know at the survey so plenty of time is allowed to get them made and delivered for your removal. We can line the inside of these crates with foam or Export wrap and designed to house the furniture and contents neatly allowing no room for movement.

If you require more information on this then please get in touch with our team.

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