Crated indoor storage

Whether you are caught in between completion dates, renting your property, undertaking building works or travelling overseas, Caledonia Removals will be able to keep your items safe and sound with our crated indoor storage solutions.

We can collect, store and deliver your goods in a safe and secure manner within the Perthshire region and further afield across the whole of Scotland.

Our indoor storage solutions are well protected and properly secured. Wee offer wooden storage crates which hold approx. 250 cubic feet and are all housed indoors within a very modern, secure, water-tight building with state-of-the-art security systems in place.

As a professional removals company in Scotland, we can provide clients with an accurate estimate on the number of crates required based on their storage needs. We will provide a clear and competitive cost for storing items through our initial quote, that comes to you near the start of your removal and storage journey.

A full inventory of the contents of each crate will be made for peace of mind on exactly what you have in storage, making it easier for when and if you wish to extract single items from your storage containers whilst your items are in storage.

Contact us today on 01738 562983 to find out more about our indoor storage solutions.

How does indoor storage work?

We require at least 48 hours' notice from you if you wish to visit the storage site to collect anything from your storage crate. Sometimes there may be a cost involved to do this as we will need to extract your storage crate and bring it to the front of the unit, open it up and get out whatever you require. There is time and manpower required to do this, so please try to only store items you will not need until delivery to your new home when choosing our wood storage crates as your storage solution. Should you require 24-hour access you could consider our metal container storage offering.

All soft furnishings, including mattresses and sofas, are placed into plastic sheeting to ensure cleanliness and protection as part of the storage service offered by Caledonia Removals. All goods held in-store are either blanket-wrapped or export wrapped, depending on your needs.

All our storage crates are stacked professionally to ensure no movement or damage occurs while under our care. We also have bespoke insurance options we can give you while your items are kept in storage, giving our clients added peace of mind that their items will be fully covered and protected. This insurance policy will all be fully explained on the quote that is sent to you before choosing Caledonia as your removal and storage provider in Scotland.

Our purpose-built warehouse is clean, dry and secure to offer extra protection against the Scottish weather. Our storage warehouse is equipped with extensive CCTV systems and security lighting. Our facility is not open to the general public which allows for extra peace of mind when considering the security of individual crates.

When storing items with Caledonia Removals, you can be safe in the knowledge that we have your furniture and contents security at heart and will go above and beyond to ensure all your bespoke storage needs are met. As a professional removal company in Scotland, we constantly strive to be the best in our industry. No shortcuts are taken and all storage is documented and signed off when going in and coming out of our store.

For further information on our secure storage options, please get in touch with our friendly, professional team today.

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