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An office move can be an exciting opportunity for any company. A new workspace can revolutionise the way a business operates, optimising productivity and improving the wellbeing of its employees. It might allow companies to implement processes that suit them better, such as updated phone systems or serviced offices.

However, for those who are in charge of office relocation, it can be hugely stressful. There’s no doubt about it - it’s a big move that is incredibly daunting.

In fact, a recent survey concluded that a huge 78% of companies delay relocation simply to avoid the stress of the moving process. This results in too many businesses operating in spaces that simply don’t suit their workers, reflect their company values or create a comfortable atmosphere.

To create the smoothest and most stress-free moving experience, preparation is key. As one of the leading moving companies in Scotland, Caledonia Removals is here with some tips to unlock the most straightforward moving experience possible.

How to make moving office an easy task

  1. Communicate with your team

    Planning for an office move goes beyond moving day and figuring out the practicalities. You aren’t just relocating a space; you’re relocating people.

    Transparency with your team members can make for a much smoother experience. It’s advisable to ensure your employees understand exactly why the move is necessary and how it will benefit them in the long run. This helps everyone get on board with the move, and they’ll be more likely to offer their assistance.

    Creating an accessible calendar that highlights significant dates will help your whole team stay informed. This isn’t just to remind them of the move date, but to spotlight notable dates such as signing the lease, the removal of office furniture, and clearing the office space of personal items.

    It is also good practice to make yourself available for your employees to voice any concerns they might have about the move. Fostering a culture of transparency and honesty with your workers will create a more united moving experience.
  2. Allocate a move coordinator or project manager

    It’s advisable to have a specific person who will deal with the main tasks in the move. They will also be responsible for organising the move. It’s a big job, but having one person in charge minimises the risk of confusion and misunderstanding with enough prior planning.
  3. Planning is key

    It’s wise for the move coordinator to create a few documents to help them keep track of what needs to be done. An office move checklist will help the move coordinator delegate tasks to the team and keep them up to speed with the progression of the process. We recommend creating this list online, so it’s easily accessible to your employees from home, on a desktop or their devices.

    Tasks could include packing management, relocating utility services, or cleaning duties. A costing plan is crucial to help you approximate the money required for the move. Additionally, this will help you create a more defined outline of the moving process itself.
  4. Design your new space

    Having a clear vision of the space, you’re trying to create will help you be more decisive during the move. This is your opportunity to ask yourself questions about the future of the business and how you can best adapt the new space to your intentions.

    For example, if you’re planning to grow, you will want to leave plenty of space to facilitate this. Perhaps you’re considering splitting the space for different activities. It helps to use the floor plan so you can really envisage the space.

    Having a clear idea of what you want will make it much easier to make quick and effective decisions later on.
  5. Enlist the help of a reliable and efficient removal company

    At Caledonia Removals, we aim to deliver the most seamless, stress-free office move possible. We know how stressful organising a move can be; we know you’ve been working up to the moving date for months. Don’t forget, we do this every day and have our removal system down to a fine art.

    With the help of our dedicated and experienced move team, we can ensure that the day will go smoothly, providing you with peace of mind. Whether you need storage for your business's belongings during a move, or just our professional removal services, just give us a call. Packing, unpacking and the heavy lifting, all completed by a team of experts, so you don't have to.

Contact us today to make a no-obligation inquiry into how our expert services can help you move offices.