The Caledonia Removals House Moving Guide

House Moving Schedule

Make your move go smoothly with this handy schedule which is sure to make sure everything gets accomplished before move day comes. Put together by the Caledonia Removals team of professional movers, you can be sure it's tried, tested and ready to make any relocation run smooth and stress-free.

You can also download, print and amend the schedule to make sure absolutely everything is covered.

Countdown to your move

4 Weeks to your move

  • Tour your house, including the attic, garage, storage sheds and decide which items should be discarded or donated to charity.
  • Contact us and request an accurate quotation of your moving charges.
  • Begin to use up your frozen food. Buy only what will be used before moving.
  • Make your travel reservations for the trip – hotels if necessary.
  • Arrange for the transfer of your personal records – doctor, dentist, etc.

3 Weeks to your move

  • Arrange for the transportation of your pets, including any stay at a Kennel.
  • Contact family and friends with your removal date and your new address.
  • Start preparing your plants for the move.
  • Return library books and other borrowed items.
  • Dispose of flammables – paint, matches, pressure cans, cleaning fluids, etc.

2 Weeks to your move

  • Draw up a floor plan of your new home and indicate furniture placement. It makes moving in twice as easy.
  • Set a date with a reliable service firm to prepare your appliances – washer, dryer, etc., for your moving day.
  • Start packing if you have planned to do some of it yourself.
  • Arrange for a babysitter for move day.
  • Plan to discontinue utilities – TV, Gas, Elec, Council Tax etc.

1 Week to your move

  • Prepare your car for the trip.
  • Finish packing all suitcases and basic essentials.
  • Carry valuable documents, currencies and all other jewellery with you.
  • Drain water from your garden hose and oil/fuel from the power mower or other machinery.
  • Defrost and wipe dry fridge and freezer.
  • Take down curtain rods, shelves and items permanently attached.
  • Prepare a list of items you will need immediately upon entry into your new home.

The day before the move

  • Loosen screws, tracks and tacks from carpets etc.
  • Prepare plants for moving.
  • Take down electrical fittings – wall clocks, heaters, etc
  • Disconnect the washing machine and bolt down the washing machine drum and refrigerator motor.

The morning of the move

  • Keep pets out of the way in a safe place.
  • Collect together small valuables and personal documents and move these yourself.
  • Keep coats and articles you want to take with you personally to one side in a box marked clearly, 'DO NOT REMOVE'.

During the move

  • Keep children out of the way.
  • Give each room a final clean as it is cleared - cleaning materials in a box marked LOAD LAST.
  • Pack a large box with items you will need as soon as you arrive, e.g. kettle, cups, tools, snacks, etc.
  • Put wardrobe keys etc., in key bags to ensure safekeeping.

Before you leave the old house

  • Be sure the Team Leader has your new address, directions and keys if necessary.
  • Check windows are closed, and doors are locked.
  • If the new owner is not arriving on the same day, turn off the mains water, gas and electricity.
  • Take gas and electric reading.
  • Check no item has been left behind that shouldn't be.
  • Hand over the keys.
  • Give your house insurer a call and transfer the policy to your new home.

We hope this schedule and moving guide helps your home, office, or commercial relocation run as smoothly as possible. If you think you could use a hand with all the heavy lifting, give us a call. Our team are happy to help pack, store and transport all of your belongings safely, so you don't need to lift a finger.