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Our First Class Removal Service

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On move day Caledonia Removals will not only look after your belongings, but we will look after you, offering quick and professional packing, as well as:

  • Local, national and international service.
  • A plan is set out by our team leader so you’re aware of what order things will be done on the day.
  • A detailed quote includes start times, the number of staff, and vans with a price breakdown for clarity.
  • A thorough walk around both new and old properties to ensure a seamless move.

We provide every client with a first-class removal service where every angle is covered, leaving no grey areas and ensuring every need is addressed. Our team will arrive at the agreed time on the agreed day ready to work and carry out your removal, followed by any unloading and unpacking required at your new property.

Secure and professional packing for all your belongings

We have specialised fitted covers for all your soft furnishings, including your sofas, armchairs and mattresses. This protects both the item inside the cover and any door frames and walls as it is moved, as often these can be a tight fit. We also have cushioned bags for transporting your pictures and a hardcover TV box to ensure no bumps, cracks or scratches. Inside the can, all items are secured with webbing, and we use spacers where required for extra protection.

Secure and wrapped belongings inside the moving van

We don't just help you move out; we help you move in

Upon arrival at your new home, our experienced team will spend as much time needed walking around your new property with you to gain a full understanding of where things are to be placed and take any specialised instructions. We aim to unload all your belongings to the correct position first time, leaving all walkways clear and accessible. Our team will only leave once you are fully happy with the final positioning of your items.

No matter where you're moving to or moving from, get in touch for a stress-free day

Whether you are moving locally within Perth, further afield across Scotland or even down to the south of England, rest assured that you are in safe hands by choosing Caledonia Removals. Our team have a wealth of experience serving a wide range of customers and are keen to go the extra mile in all of our moves.

Get in touch today to ensure your move goes as smoothly as possible.

The Moving Team In The back of the moving truck

Local, Regional and Nationwide Enquiries Welcome
01738 562983
07804 649228