How to: Moving a Grandfather Clock

Step By Step Guide For Moving Your Grandfather Clock

Grandfather Clocks are beautiful but fragile items. Whether a cherished family heirloom or an antique to showcase in your new home, we’ve assembled a step by step guide on how to prepare and transport these clocks safely.

As Scotlands premier moving company, you can rest easy knowing the following guide is following and regularly used by our team of professional movers.

  1. Round up your tools and supplies
    Begin by gathering all necessary moving tools and supplies. You’ll also need moving blankets, padding and bubble wrap to protect each of the parts inside and outside of the Grandfather Clock. Other necessary moving supplies include moving boxes to hold and transport clock parts, a long piece of laminate, elastic bands and packing paper.
  2. Familiarise yourself with the Grandfather Clock
    While there are many different kinds of Grandfather Clocks out there, they all operate similarly. The pendulum, a device that swings back and forth inside the clock, is supported by the pendulum guide. Inside the body of the clock, you’ll also find a set of hanging weights (usually two or three). These weights are supported by either chains or cables, which act like pulleys. The top of the Grandfather Clock will have side panels and a glass front panel.
  3. Remove the hood
    Sometimes this is fixed and screwed in place; however, you can often simply slide this directly forward. Ensure two men complete this movement and use both hands as it is overweighted at one side and will try and lean. Ensure this is packed into a MEILE box and well protected.
  4. Tie cables or chains to prevent from tangling
    Next, reach inside through the side panel and wind (or crank) the weights almost to the top. Holding the ends of the cables or chains together with your hands, secure them with either packing tape or a twist tie. This will prevent the chains from becoming tangled up in each other while the weights are being removed and the clock is in transit.
  5. Remove the weights
    Now that the chain/cables are held together by either packing tape or a twist tie, reach inside and remove the weights one by one. Start with the weight on the left-hand side and work your way right. As you remove the weights, wrap them in either bubble wrap or packing paper for protection.

    Be sure to label each weight with its corresponding location inside the clock (for example: left, center, right). After the move, these weights will need to be placed back inside the clock in their original location in reverse order.
  6. Remove the pendulum
    To remove the pendulum, you’ll need to first stop it from swinging back and forth. The pendulum should be attached to the pendulum guide at the top. Gently unhook the pendulum from the pendulum guide. Wrap the pendulum carefully, ensuring you don’t twiddle any of the device. Carefully protect on top of laminate using packing paper and tape to hold it in place. Ensure during transit, this is moved horizontally.
  7. Remove the workings of the clock
    With the weights gone, the pendulum unhooked, and your hood away, you will now be able to lift the workings off the top of the long case clock frame. Keep the chains/pulleys tight and secure to the back of the workings in place with an elastic band. Place into a box with crush underneath.
  8. Move the Grandfather Clock to the van
    Once all of the individual parts are packed away, begin wrapping the Grandfather Clock in padding, moving blankets, or bubble wrap. For extra protection, we suggest taking a large moving box with both the top and bottom ends open, then sliding it from the top of the Grandfather Clock to its middle. This should protect the Grandfather Clock on all four sides.

There you have it, a step by step guide on how to move a Grandfather Clocks. Once at your new location, you may wonder how to set up a Grandfather Clock after moving it. Simply follow the steps above in reverse, set to the correct time, and you’re good to go.

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