The Benefits of Using Moving Blankets

When you’re planning for a move, the right packing materials can make all the difference when it comes to ensuring your items arrive at your new home in good condition.

That’s why moving blankets are a must-have for wrapping furniture and other fragile items.

If you’re reading this, you’re probably still not convinced with the benefits moving blankets can do for you or are looking for other reasons why you should use it. Keep reading as we find out what else moving blankets are for, how you can use them, and how to estimate the number of blankets and moving boxes you need during your move!

Understanding moving blankets

Moving blankets, also known as furniture pads, might not be familiar if you haven't engaged in a substantial house move. These pads are essential for wrapping items, particularly furniture, that are susceptible to scratches and dents during the moving process.

Imagine an item's entire journey during a move—from one house to another, passing through doorways, narrow halls, and stairwells, and eventually being stacked in a truck or storage unit alongside all your other belongings.

Moving blankets act as protective layers for your possessions, preventing scratches while they’re on the move. They also serve a crucial role in stabilising items within a moving truck, reducing the likelihood of shifts. If items are being stacked, additional blankets can fill gaps, preventing any potential toppling.

Typically constructed from robust quilted fabric materials like polyester and cotton blends, moving blankets are heavy-duty enough to endure multiple moves without tearing or losing integrity.

In simpler terms, they are designed to withstand the challenges of a substantial move.

The role of moving blankets in protecting furniture

When it comes to moving, keeping your furniture unscathed is a top priority. That's where moving blankets step in as your furniture's ultimate bodyguards. Forget about bubble wrap and packing peanuts; for your hefty pieces, you need the heavy-duty protectant – moving blankets.

What makes these blankets the best option furniture protection? It's all about the thickness and durability. Their quilted fabric is like a fortress, standing strong against any bumps, scrapes, and knocks that come with relocation.

While bubble wrap and peanuts might do the trick for your fragile items, moving blankets the go-to for your substantial stuff like sofas, tables, cabinets, you name it.

Moving blankets vs. Traditional packing materials

When it comes to safeguarding your furniture during a move, the debate between moving blankets and traditional packing materials like bubble wrap and packing peanuts is a crucial one.

Here's why moving blankets are the preferred choice of many movers:

Robust protection: Moving blankets are made of quilted fabric, providing a heavyweight shield against potential damage during transportation. This robust construction outperforms the lighter padding offered by bubble wrap and packing peanuts.

Versatility: Unlike the one-time use nature of bubble wrap and packing peanuts, moving blankets are durable and reusable. After your move, they can find new life protecting items in storage or serving as covers during home improvement projects.

Cost-effective: Moving blankets offer a cost-effective solution compared to the ongoing expense of purchasing bubble wrap or packing peanuts for each move. The initial investment in moving blankets pays off in long-term protection.

In the head-to-head battle, moving blankets prove to be the practical and reliable choice for securing your furniture during the journey to your new home.

Integrating moving blankets with other packing supplies for maximum protection

Integrating moving blankets with other packing supplies is another tip for ensuring maximum protection during your move. Hiring a professional removal company, like us at Caledonia Removals, provides distinct advantages in this regard.

Aside from making use of moving blankets, we employ a range of specialised wrapping techniques that extend beyond the traditional use of blankets. We also make use of materials such as paper wrap, card wrap, and export furniture guard wrap strategically to provide tailored protection for your precious items.

Now, for specific belongings like mattresses and artwork–we use dedicated bags to ensure added security. Moreover, specialised TV moving boxes are also used to offer a higher level of protection for delicate electronics.

At Caledonia Removals, we also have armchair and sofa covers that are custom-designed to fit precisely, offering not only additional padding but also partial waterproofing. This ensures an extra layer of defense against unforeseen challenges and unpredictable weather during your whole moving process.

Choosing a professional removal service ensures access to a comprehensive array of protective measures, demonstrating our commitment to ensuring the safety and security of your items throughout the entire relocation process.

Practical tips for using moving blankets

Your move combined with these tips from us at Caledonia Removals and moving blankets would be a breeze, so keep the following pro-tips in mind:

  1. Wrap it right: When covering furniture, ensure moving blankets snugly encase each piece. A proper wrap minimises the risk of scratches or dings during transit.
  2. Tape it secure: Once your items are wrapped, seal the deal with packing tape. Secure the moving blankets in place, creating a robust shield that stays intact throughout the move.
  3. Layering wisdom: For fragile items or extra protection, don't shy away from layering. Adding an extra blanket can provide an additional cushion, especially for delicate surfaces.
  4. Edge attention: Pay extra attention to edges and corners – these are vulnerable spots. Properly folded and secured blankets around these areas fortify your defenses against any unexpected bumps.
  5. Labeling extras: If you're the meticulous type, consider labeling your wrapped items. This small step can make the unpacking process a smoother ride, especially when searching for specific items.

Techniques for using moving blankets with bubble wrap for enhanced protection

When it comes to maximizing the protective capabilities of moving blankets in conjunction with bubble wrap, consider the following techniques:

  1. Optimal coverage: Start by placing moving blankets at the base of the moving box to ensure complete coverage within the box.
  2. Bubble wrap integration: Layer bubble wrap on top of the items already wrapped in moving blankets for an additional cushioning effect.
  3. Compact arrangement: Strategically position items within the box to maximize space utilization, reducing the chances of shifting during transit.
  4. Secure packing: Use packing tape to firmly secure both the moving blankets and bubble wrap in place, creating a snug and highly protective packing solution.

These techniques not only enhance the protective capabilities of moving blankets but also contribute to an efficient and secure packing process.

Environmental considerations

Moving towards a greener move? We love that idea too! That’s why moving blankets come with a notable sustainability advantage compared to single use packing materials.

Unlike disposable alternatives, these blankets boast durability, enabling them to be used multiple times. This not only contributes to a reduction in waste but also minimises the environmental impact associated with one-time-use packing materials. Choosing moving blankets aligns your move with eco-friendly practices, making it a responsible choice for both your belongings and the planet.

Our recommendation

No matter how you plan to make your next move, be sure to include moving blankets on your supply list. These extra paddings keep your furniture safe from dents and scratches as each of your pieces are moved. Blankets also keep your large items secure during transit regardless of potholes or other damaging road movement.

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