How to Pack Glasses for Moving: A Step by Step Guide

Moving house can be an exciting yet stressful time. Hours of packing and preparation are needed, and there always seems to be something that you've missed.

Whether it's a big move or a small move, packing your kitchen always seems to be the trickiest task of all. All those delicate wine glasses you've collected over the years. The fragile china set you inherited from your great grandmother. The precious plates you spent hours searching for online. The last thing you want is for one of these to break or crack during the move (except maybe that awful bowl your mother-in-law gifted you last Christmas).

As experts in the removal and packaging industry, Caledonia Removals is here to provide all the very best hints and tips on how to pack glasses for moving. We can even recommend the best materials to pack glasses safely and securely.

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How to pack glasses for moving - The preparation stage

As is with most things when it comes to packing, preparation is key when it comes to packing glasses for moving. The first thing to do is to take some time to assess your kitchen inventory. Figure out what glasses will be moving with you and what culinary is being left aside.

A helpful tip here is to categorise your kitchenware so it's easier to pack. Organise the plates, the bowels, the glasses, the cutlery etc. In this way, when it comes to packing them into boxes, it'll be far easier to know what items are going where.

By having a thorough inspection of your glassware and culinary items, you'll also gain a far better understanding of how many boxes and other packing materials you'll need for the move.

We recommend recycling all the glass that you no longer need. Load it into your car and deposit the glass at a local recycling bank. You'd be amazed at how many items you don't like, don't need and don't want to take with you to your new home!

Sourcing quality packing material

A successful move is nothing without the right materials. Packing materials are not something you want to skimp on when it comes to packing glasses. The most essential packing supplies you will need for how to pack glasses for moving are:

  • Packing paper – essential for wrapping your fragile items and keeping glasses free from scratches
  • Moving boxes - of course, a set of sturdy, good sized moving boxes are essential when moving. An obvious one, of course, but all too often we see people avoiding boxes and piling their glasses into a suitcase or
  • Moving Containers - very handy to help separate your items and keep the fragile items extra secure
  • Plain newsprint / old newspapers - a simple addition that won't cost a penny! Use old newspapers to give extra protection to your glasses and plates.
  • Crumpled paper - use crumpled paper or spare paper sheets as an extra layer to your packing paper. Consider adding a spare paper sheet as a top layer of protection.
  • Packing Peanuts – these little gems are perfect for filling in the empty spaces of your moving boxes and building a protective layer around the edges of your boxes.
  • Bubble wrap – Bubble wrap is essential in the moving process, particularly when packing glasses for moving. Bubble wrap acts as excellent protection and provides extra careful packers with greater peace of mind.
  • Duct Tape / Packing tape– you'll need it for pretty much everything, so make sure you've got a plentiful stock close at hand. Packing tape is a must for closing your moving boxes safely and securely.
  • Pens and markers – labelling your boxes properly will help save you a lot of time and hassle when unpacking at the other end. Consider adding a roll of labels to keep your moving boxes neat and tidy.

Whether you're packing plates, glasses or other fragile kitchen items, all of the above materials will ensure the safety of your items on a long-distance move or even on a short move around the corner. There's no underestimating the importance of sourcing the right packaging materials before your move gets underway.

How to pack wine glasses for moving

So by now, you should have sorted your glasses for moving, categorised your kitchen items and stocked up on the necessary packing supplies. The next stage is the most delicate of all; wrapping and packing your individual glasses. In this section, we will focus specifically on how to pack wine glasses.

Packing wine glasses can be especially difficult due to their awkward shape and highly delicate stems. The last thing anyone wants is to arrive at their new house with their precious wine glasses split into two. To avoid any tragic wine glass deaths, follow the steps below.

Step 1 - Secure your boxes. Make sure your moving box is double taped at the bottom so it doesn't split or open during the move.

Step 2 - Add a protective layer. Use your sheets of old newspaper and crumpled paper ends to form a protective layer at the bottom and outer edges of your moving box.

Step 3 - Wrap the stem. Use bubble wrap to secure the fragile stem. By using multiple sheets of bubble wrap, wrap around the stem until the width of the wrapped stem matches the width of the glass bowl. Then tape the bundled stem securely to ensure the bubble wrap doesn't unfold.

Step 4 - Wrap the full wine glass. Position your half-wrapped wine glass in the centre of your laid out packing paper - three sheets of packing paper should do the job. Then, slowly and gently tuck one corner inside the glass bowl and wrap the remaining three corners of the packing paper around the entire wine glass. Finally, apply some tape to make sure the paper is secure and the glass is completely covered.

Step 5 - Place the first glass into the moving box. Gently put your wrapped wine glass inside your cardboard box. It's important to place your wine glasses mouth down, so they're standing on the drinking bowl side and not the stem side. This has been proven to help the glasses better absorb the shocks and jerky motions that happen when on the move.

Step 6 - Fill the box sensibly. After having placed your first wine glass into your moving box, you can slowly and carefully start to add more. Create a row along with the box, which is secure but not overcrowded. After adding the first row add an extra sheet of bubble wrap around it for extra protection. Then fill the box out in even rows.

Step 7 - Fill the gaps. Use the packing peanuts and some extra crumpled paper to fill in any gaps around the wine glasses. This is to prevent any sudden movements from happening inside the box whilst in transit. To finish, add several sheets of paper on top of the glasses for a top layer of protection.

Step 8 - Close and mark. Securely tape up your moving box with your duct tape. After the box is fully sealed, take out your marker and label it with terms such as, "Fragile", "This side up" and "Wine Glasses". Make sure these labels are clearly visible.

Now all that is left to do is carefully load your boxes into your moving vehicle! By following all of the above steps correctly, your wine glasses should arrive at their new destination safely and without damage.

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What about other fragile glasses?

If you also have cocktail glasses, teacups or even some fragile crystal glasses, the process is very much the same as above! Remember to always even out any stems with bubble wrap so the glass is the width throughout. Don't be shy with the packing paper and always remember to tuck the packing paper inside the bowl of the glass before wrapping around.

Packing glasses for moving is all about good preparation, secure wrapping and quality materials. If you get all three stages correct, you'll be left with a full set of unbroken glasses even after a cross-country move.

5 top tips for moving with glasses

The tips below can be applied to every type of glass, so whether you're packing shot glasses or beer mugs, these tips should help you safely move with glasses.

  1. Protect Your Box! Always make sure your moving box is securely taped at the bottom and closed tightly on top after packing. Add the extra protective layers both at the top and the bottom for extra precaution.
  2. Wrap Tightly (but gently). Don't be afraid to really wrap your glasses tightly. Tuck the corners, roll the packing paper and use plenty of packing tape to secure the paper to the glass.
  3. Pack Vertically! When packing glasses for moving it's always best to place the glasses vertically and not on their side. Also, remember to put them in mouth down, at the glass's opening, as this provides a more secure base and will help avoid the glass clicking against other glasses.
  4. Fill the Empty Space! Use spare paper, packing peanuts or any other soft material to fill in the gaps and spaces in your moving box. This will help keep the glasses secure and steady when on the move.
  5. Take the Time to Label. Labelling your boxes correctly will save you time and hassle at the other end. It will also indicate to others that the box is fragile and should be handled as such. Don't underestimate the importance of a marked box!

Use a professional removal company

Now you have all the knowledge you need to securely pack your glasses for moving house, but will they be in safe hands?

Caledonia Removals offers a robust removal service for customers in the Perth area, across Scotland and further afield. Our professional packers can help you pack, load, move and unload your all items at an affordable cost. If you're moving house or office or are simply in need of a place to store some of your items, Caledonia Removals is here to help.

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