How To Pack Books For Moving

How to Pack Books for Moving | A Caledonia Removls Guide

Packing is nobody’s favourite activity, and for the book lovers out there it might be even more of a slog.

Not only are books heavy and easy to lose track of, but they can be susceptible to dangers like water damage if not properly packed. To keep your packing process as breezy and stress free as possible, follow our tips for packing books below.

Never underestimate the power of the clear out

We know. Giving books away feels like some kind of crime. But actually taking the time to optimise your collection will make your moving process so much easier.

Remember, the more you have to move, the heavier your boxes will be, the longer the entire process will take. It’s really worth taking a fine tooth comb to your possessions and being honest with yourself about what you do and don’t need to take with you.

The good news is that there are plenty of places you can drop off your books so they can find a great new home. Charity shops, schools, churches - all are places where your books might find a new lease of life.

Choose appropriate boxes

The boxes you use for your books when moving house are incredibly important. Old, broken or tatty cardboard boxes won’t do here; the last thing you want is for all your books to fall out the bottom of the box. Your boxes need to be sturdy enough to withstand the weight of your precious hardbacks.

Another huge red flag to look out for is water damage. If your boxes are soggy in any way, it spells trouble for whatever’s inside. Water damaged boxes are flimsy and won’t be able to carry much weight before they split.

We recommend medium to small boxes, as it’s easy to overfill large boxes and they can get way too heavy fast.

Preparation is key

It’s a good idea to prepare your boxes before you start packing. If you’re building them, make sure that the cardboard is slotted in securely. Then, it’s time to reinforce your boxes.

Cover all the joints of your box with at least two layers of robust packing tape. You can even add a third layer for extra peace of mind. Make sure your tape continues beyond the seam and onto the surface of the box; this is for extra security.

Ensure you invest in some high-quality packing materials to protect your books. Packing paper and bubble wrap are particularly useful, along with a marker pen to label the boxes.

How to pack hardback books

Firstly, line your reinforced box with a couple of sheets of packing paper for protection and insulation purposes. You want to pack your hardbacks upright with their spines facing the side of the box as if they were on a regular bookshelf.

If you have old or antique books that need extra protection, you can slot a piece of stiff cardboard in between each book to keep their spines straight. And if you want to be even more careful, you can wrap each book in bubble wrap or paper before stacking them in the box.

The key is to pack them tightly together so they won’t move, but not so tight that they might be hard to remove from the box when you arrive at your new home. If they’re packed too tightly, you could damage them by accident. They need a small amount of room to breathe. And remember, don’t overfill the box; you’d be surprised how quickly they get heavy.

A good rule to go by is the heaviest books go at the bottom, so always pack the bulkiest items first.

How to pack paperback books

Again, line your box with some packing paper before you get started.

It’s best to pack your paperbacks in flat stacks, one on top of the other as if in a pile on the ground. If you’re finding it a bit of a squeeze, you can use multiple packing methods in one box; just be careful of packing them spine up, with the pages facing down. It’s likely the pages will bend if you use that method.

Fill the empty space

You don’t want your books to be rattling around in the moving truck, so make sure you fill up any remaining space with your packing paper before you seal the box.

Secure and label

Seal your boxes with packing tape, again with two or even three layers.

Be sure to write “books” on the side of your boxes; you’ll thank yourself later. There’s nothing worse than getting to your new home, only to find a jumble of unlabelled boxes and miscellaneous items everywhere. Good organisation now will save you time down the line.

It’s also helpful for us to know what is in the boxes so that we can pack up all your belongings accordingly.

Make sure you’ve booked a reliable removal company

A reputable removal company will know the safest way to store your items as they transport them. They will never stack your boxes unless you have a way of securing them, as they can easily tip over on the journey. At Caledonia Removals, we always treat your possessions with the utmost respect to ensure a safe journey.

Or if all of this sounds too much trouble

After years of experience, we have the packing process down to a fine art. Let us take the stress out of your moving experience by doing the hard work for you.

Caledonia Removals offer a premium packing service where our team of professionals will source packing materials, safely box up all of your possessions and transport them all in one.

So, if you’re looking for a fuss-free way to kickstart life in your new home, give Caledonia Removals a call, and we can help you.